VIP Aircraft Charter from IAC

When it comes to VIP Aircraft Charter, nobody does it better than IAC. Perfect for the ultimate group travel experience, the VIP Airliners we charter are designed to offer each passenger the most luxurious flight available.

Why travel by VIP Airliner?

VIP Aircraft Charter with IAC offers groups of every size maximum comfort and security. Leave every aspect of your journey to our dedicated team and you will enjoy a seamless experience, where your every need is catered for.

As part of your group of friends, family or business associates, you will avoid all queues and arrive relaxed, unhurried and on time.

Ideal for groups of every size
Luxurious journey
Privacy, safety and secure assured
Comfortable, relaxing travel
Makes travel a real pleasure
Available 24/7

Where does the VIP Airliner fly to?

IAC is a recognised air charter agent for VIP Airliners in the UK and beyond. Our VIP Aircraft Charter Service flies to multiple destinations around the world.

Trusted by professionals everywhere

Every member of our team is an experienced private air travel agent. That means, our people bringing the experience necessary to secure you the best journey at the best price. Wherever you need to be, you can be sure that we will go further to make sure you arrive on time.

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