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Each month, we fly hundreds of people to meetings, events and luxury destinations around the world. Many of our customers have been with us from the very beginning. Here, you can find out what people think about IAC when you read the Independent Air Charter Testimonials.

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"As promised, a brief note to say Orkney was marvellous, and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience of flying direct - lovely little aircraft. Please thank John for us, and many thanks to you for handling all the arrangements."

- Mr T Weldng 

"We had a fantastic flight on Friday and Sunday. The DA42 Air taxi plane was most impressive and Sam the pilot was so nice and informed us of everything he was doing, which made us feel very confident in him. Also we would and indeed have recommended you to our friends, thanks again for everything!" 

- Mr A Bocca

"A big thank you to Lee at Independent Air for convincing me to use the DA42 Package to take my (now!) wife to Paris le Bourget – she and I will never forget it! That is for sure!" 

- Mr. D Mayer

"My wife and I were to attend a wedding in Nantes France from Oxford. Nantes, is really not the easiest place to get to as far as time and money is concerned, and it needed to be a quick return. With our current life situation and restrictions, we very nearly turned down the invitation - but because the wedding was for our eldest son we felt we may never live it down. Someone suggested we consider into hiring a private plane. Thinking the cost would be astronomical, we first dismissed the idea, it after looking into the costs involved of all the transfers and time it would take to complete our return journey we decided to take a look.

Searching through Google for private plane hire, we found a few air charter brokers along with Independent Air. They told us about an aircraft called the DA42. Independent Air told us that as direct marketer for the DA42, the rates would be fantastic compared to other light aircrafts – and indeed they were right!

What an exciting time we had using the DA42 Air Taxi Aircraft, and with the wedding being a complete success, we shall never forget the great experience we had. A special thanks go to Joel for arranging this at such short notice. Tthe champagne he organised for our flight was also a great addition! "

- Mr. S Smith

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